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  • Dear Ebuy7.com Customers,

  • Weight value shown in your cart is an ESTIMATED value that Ebuy7.com is using to estimate the cost of shipment. Final weight and FINAL shipping cost will be adjusted prior shipment after goods are packaged and ready to ship.

  • Ebuy7.com will notify customers if the FINAL shipping cost is exceeding the ESTIMATED shipping cost, shipment exceeding estimated shipping cost will be pending customer approval for release. In these instance, Ebuy7.com will send an email communication to request customer approval to release the shipment. Please check your email inbox to make sure your parcel is process accordingly.

  • Ebuy7.com customers can also select to use PAY SHIPPING LATER option. PAY SHIPPING LATER give the option to Ebuy7.com customers to get a FINAL shipping cost before approving and releasing the shipment. PAY SHIPPING LATER is protecting Ebuy7.com customers for excessive shipping cost. With PAY SHIPPING LATER OPTION EBuy7.com customer can cancel and get a full refund of their transactions without limitations if the FINAL shipping cost are deemed excessive and unacceptable by Ebuy7.com customers.

  • Ebuy7.com will not ship internationally merchandise such as toy gun, weapons, fake weapons, ammunitions or any products containing restricted chemical substances.

  • Ebuy7.com appreciate your understanding and value your business.

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